Trade Sales

Trade Sales & Deliveries


Apart from retail sales, many businesses can require orders to be processed for delivery later, an engineer to be sent out, the workshop to quote first or just for an invoice to be produced straight away. The trade sales function of ‘Retailer’ can do it all, and more.

Trade Sales Screenshot

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  • Customer orders can be processed quickly and paperwork only produced if necessary.
  • Customers’ credit status is displayed on screen at point of order entry.
  • Customers’ past order history can be shown.
  • Trade sales can be added to open orders for batch invoicing.
  • Trade sales can be entered as or converted to delivery orders, orders requiring worksheets, quotations, proforma invoices or simply supplied and invoiced straight away.
  • Delivery orders entered are stored and picked later as required, thus speeding up the administration process from order receipt to delivery.
  • Special products can be created and added to orders as a reminder to source them later.
  • Pick lists can be printed for the drivers to load from, for each order.
  • Print diaries for workers detailing their workload and worksheets for each job
  • Jobs can be finalised after they have been done and marked paid if necessary.