Stax Till 2 Till Integration

Till2till rba eposTo compliment our suite of integration modules in the RBA Retailer software we are pleased to be able to boast that RBA are the ONLY EPOS provider who integrate with the Till2TIll system provided by Stax Tradecentres.

These modules call upon two secondary (hidden) stock databases and automatically add product lines to your stock data when items are scanned at point of sale, asking only the selling price for the item from the checkout assistant.

As a result of our close working relationship with all of our clients and many of their suppliers we have expanded this functionality until it has become a very powerful aide in both setting up and running your RBA EPOS system.

NOTE: These utilities do not import suppliers complete stock listings into YOUR stock file, unless you specifically want it to.


RBAStock simply uses a common database compiled from all the supplier data ever imported for any of our clients. it consists of just barcodes and descriptions but does enable the user to start building their stock file and using the system simultaneously, thus saving a great deal of time.

Till2Till is a far more advanced and seamlessly integrated feature that retreives stock updates directly from Stax’s on-line catalogue. The stock file information contains the entire stax catalogue with cost prices, barcodes (multiple barcodes where present) web image locations, supplier codes, brands and product notes to name but a few. Thus, again, saving a great deal of time.

An example of a stax product and the detail downloaded from stax, just by scanning the item for the first time at point of sale…..

Till2till Epos Systems



  • Interfaces with an optional portable scanner to add new products automatically.
  • Products do not need to be set up to commence sales.
  • Will check for product information if an item is barcode scanned and is not found in the users stock database.
  • Contains product information from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike.
  • Items are automatically added into the users stock database.
  • Sale price is requested at first sale.
  • Segregates new products for verification.
  • Simple set-up screen to confirm the new products details.

Our Till2Till integration also facilitates the downloading of invoices from Stax which will load each stock line purchased, adding new products at the same time, with the quantity purchased and cost price on the invoice.

On receiving this invoice into stock you are also alerted to cost price changes, margin changes and missing selling prices.

Cost Change Notification and Margin Maintenance

The next superb benefit of this integration is the ability to update supplier costs in seconds rather than days (if at all)

A report can then be produced listing all the costs that have changed and how they affect your margin, current stock levels , minimum stock levels and other such important information.

This means that you can:

  • maintain margin on stock lines before you have sold out
  • go to shelf edge or tag end pricing instead of item pricing
  • change pricing more readily and with much less fuss
  • not check invoice prices on goods in
  • not check selling prices on goods in

Again, huge savings in time and manhours, not withstanding the increase in profitability.


  • This module significantly reduces the amount of set up work that needs to be done, in any system, to achieve a full stock control system.
  • The user can commence using the Retailer system for sales from day one and does not need to run it alongside another system or till whilst setting up.
  • Other important product details, such as cost price or sales code, can be entered at the users leisure whilst sales continue.