Supplier Integration

Supplier Integration

One of the biggest benefits of installing a ‘Retailer’ system from RBA, as opposed to any other system, is the time and effort that it can save you when it comes to installing and maintaining your EPOS system. The key to this is firstly getting the data from your supplier and then it needs to be a quick and simple process for you to import it, and this is exactly what ‘Retailer’ will do.

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Supstock is a tool that enables Retailer full integration with major wholesalers, suppliers and big brands. We can integrate with suppliers using Supstock in a multitude of ways. In some cases we can connect directly with a supplier’s servers and therefore their product data. This allows our customers to receive product updates in real time and at the click of a button! Anything from brand new product lines, price amendments, pack size changes and more can be downloaded directly into the Retailer system. In all other cases Supstock is able to directly ‘read’ supplier provided spreadsheets which again allows the assimilation of vast amounts of product data saving you time and energy.

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RBA Stock

RBA Stock is a little different, RBA Stock is a collection of millions of barcodes with associated product descriptions. RBA Stock is great because of the vast repository of barcodes, chances are if you scan a product the system will recognize it and will then proceed to load basic product information for you straight into the database, even at the Checkout! This is really handy for those shops that don’t already have an EPOS system and might therefore need a helping hand getting their stock loaded.


Produpd enables the Retailer system to integrate with Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program, this allows you to import and export data to and from Retailer while at the same time taking advantage of the power of Excel. An import will allow you to for example load thousands of product lines from a spreadsheet, or thousands of clients details like names, addresses and contact details. This data exchange works the other way around too, you can for example export all your sales figures for a chosen date range straight into Excel for a more detailed assessment of your companies performance.


All of these tools enable our customer’s to save time and effort so that they can concentrate on driving their business and serving their customers.