Stax Till2till

Till2Till Integration from Stax                  

As one of the leading wholesalers to independent retailers nationwide, Stax Trade Centres offers a delivery and cash & carry service to its customers and a complete set of online tools for the retailer to use to download and analyse their purchases from Stax and report on stock updates and price changes

When this information is all integrated into your ‘Retailer’ epos system it can save you massive amounts of time and money.


  • Over 40,000 Sax product lines available to the epos system
  • Products are added automatically to your stock file when scanned at checkout
  • Products can be added with a hand scanner
  • New lines are automatically added when you download your invoice
  • Stax cost prices updated automatically
  • Product status updated automatically (on promotion, end of line, etc)
  • Products are highlighted when they are cheaper with a different supplier
  • Products are highlighted if they are not available or on promotion
  • Cost change tools help you maintain margin, before the stock is sold
  • Orders can be uploaded to the Stax website
  • Pick lists can then be printed in bay order
  • The downloaded invoice highlights cost price changes
  • Margins easily visible on orders and invoices and can be easily changed

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