Purchase Orders

Supplier Purchases


The ultimate business tool that creates professional purchase orders and can calculate your needs for you, based on either minimum stock levels or sales history.

It will reduce the time taken to generate orders and receive or part receive goods into stock.


  • Keeps an ongoing log of items that you need to purchase as they fall below your required minimum stock.
  • Add to your purchase log manually as required.
  • Use this log to generate purchase orders for suppliers when necessary.
  • Generate suggested purchase orders automatically, based on buying up to the optimum stock level and/or based on a statistical analysis of over an entered number of weeks.
  • Keeps a complete and unlimited history of purchase orders which is easily viewed and searched on.
  • Purchase order browse shows current order status. (Completed, awaiting receipts, cancelled or part delivered.)
  • Print purchase orders to paper or fax, whenever and as many times as you wish.


Purchase Orders Screenshot

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  • View all purchase orders still awaiting receipts or partly received.
  • Full backlog report by supplier, detailing all products on order and what is due.
  • Full backlog report by purchase order.
  • Goods received report by product and/or supplier and/or delivery, between dates.
  • Product movement report between dates.
  • Detailed product report by supplier showing optimum stock quantity and average weekly sales.