Our Team

Our Team


Steve Poore PhotoThe combination of an engineering degree and ten years of running a successful outdoor leisure and bottled gas company set the stage for me to become one of the three founding members of RBA in 1992.

Our headquarters have been based in Buckinghamshire then Surrey, and now we have relocated to the sunny southwest. I’m based in our Ilfracombe office, a Grade II listed, Georgian building which was originally a pharmacy. It is inspiring to work from an historically and architecturally interesting building with sea views.

As well as running RBA, I develop the software and enjoy getting involved in sales. In my spare time I have reasonably successfully raised three children, enjoy DIY and am currently in training for some local long walks: The Two Moors Way, with my wife and dog; The Startrek Challenge for a second time, this time with colleagues from RBA.


Paul PhotoI’ve worked for RBA since the turn of the millennium and get involved in all aspects of what we do here. Whether that is manning or assisting the support desk, visiting potential new customers or installing systems.

RBA, like most companies, started small and we continue to grow now so it is essential that everyone helps out in every respect of the business. It’s the cornerstone to maintaining the customer relations, familiarity, focus and high standards that we strive for. This all-round involvement and personal service that makes us different and why I enjoy what I do so much.



Regan PhotoI have been programming database applications for 25 years and for 18 of them I have worked for RBA.

New operating systems, hardware and the increased usage of the internet all bring their own unique challenges and I, along with the rest of the team, rise to meet them.

Our application has evolved from a text based one to the current version that runs under the current versions of Windows. I’m proud of how far it has come, but there is always going to room for improvement and new features.


Bruce PhotoBruce joined RBA with the acquisition of SIRCS in 2011, and works in software support.



Claire PhotoI graduated with a degree in Philosophy before relocating to North Devon, and worked in administrative roles at several local companies before joining RBA in 2014.
When you phone the support desk I will probably be the first person you speak to. I manage Verifone applications and Trend anti-virus accounts, as well as taking support calls and dealing with accounting queries.
In my spare time I enjoy photography and running and am looking forward to entering star trek 2016 as part of the RBA team.


Mark PhotoMark works in software support, helping customers with their queries, as well as maintaining all the IT equipment and network infrastructure here at RBA.



Jon PhotoI worked in the Retail industry for ten years before joining RBA. I’ve used the Retailer system at the sharp end for nearly a decade. I believe as a company this gives us an important insight into what Retailer’s expect from an EPOS system and the company that offers it.

Since joining RBA in 2014 I’ve been using my past experience in my new role which is quite varied and includes demonstrating the system to potential customers, installing systems and assisting our existing customers with support queries. It’s both exciting and rewarding to be part of a customer focused software company that’s constantly developing. My colleagues and our clients expect high standards from me and I’d have it no other way.



Bray's PictureI’ve been studying computing for 5 years, and have recently graduated from University with a computing degree oriented towards web technologies.
I primarily work on our web related content and as a result, I’m usually keeping our website up to date and developing new web software.



Rachael's PictureI joined the RBA team in August 2017. I am based at the Ilfracombe branch providing hardware and software support and helping customers with their support queries. I’m currently writing the help guides for Retailer to aid our customers with the daily running of our software. I can’t wait to join Startrek next year with the rest of the RBA team.