Nener’s Master Locksmiths

Neners Master Locksmiths StoreCompany: Nener’s Master Locksmiths
Demographic: Locksmiths
Location: South Wales
RBA Implemented: 2011
No of Stores: 1
Stores Size(s): medium
No of Tills: 1
No of Back Office: 4

History and General Information
Nener’s Master Locksmiths & Security was established in 1951 and is fortunate to have an envied clientele which includes many Local authorities, Housing Associations, Government Buildings, Universities etc.  Neners Master Locksmiths have been an approved company of the Master Locksmith’s Association for many years and is a keen upholder of the MLA motto “skill & integrity”.

What they said
When asked in 2015 how they thought their new system had performed, they said;

RBA Retailer has without doubt been one of the top three most effective business decisions we have ever made, I wish our Company had purchased RBA Retailer some 15 years earlier than we did ….. it’s 100% reliable & dependable


Neners used Sage Line 50 for many years but knew that it was very restrictive to their business. We were surprised to find this posted in a forum.

“I published a comment on this site back in 2010 expressing my frustrations with Sage Line 50… at the time I promised myself that I would find a replacement for Line 50. I am pleased to confirm that in April this year I ditched Sage Line 50 and am now running with RBA retail software My bookkeeper was against it, my accountant was dead against it… but their operations are “back of house”. I could no longer suffer the intolerable slowness of Line 50 at “front of house”.
The new RBA software has solved all my problems as it operates on an SQL database… very pleased and satisfied that I am no longer “hostage” to Sage Line 50 .

I’ve spoken with RBA software and they and their system their system both sound sensible – running on Windows with a Sybase back-end database, and the ability to handle a very large number of product lines, and they weren’t afraid to point me at customers who could back up this claim. I think they only support Windows as a platform, but Sybase is available for other servers.

It’s an out-and-out retailer system with associated modules like service and repair, so it won’t suit everyone but sounds just the thing if you’re a retailer.”