Loyalty Cards Module

Loyalty Cards


Loyalty cards, sometimes called points cards, reward customers with points when they spend money in your store. These points an then be redeemed in your store at a later date. This redemption provides the customer with an incentive to spend more in your store and hence drives return business.

FunctionalityLoyalty Card Reverse

We have our own loyalty cards system integrated directly into Retailer. We can design and manufacture the physical loyalty cards for you as well, these look a bit like credit cards only they have a barcode on them and your store’s logo and colour scheme. Having the loyalty card module allows you to…

  • Assign multiple cards to a single account, each one given to a named card holder
  • Identify named account holders at point of sale by simply scanning their loyalty card into the checkout
  • Instantaneously apply an account holder’s discount terms at point of sale, eliminating the possibility of mistakes or the need for a supervisory role at the tills
  • Have the ability to email receipts at point of sale directly from the till to card holders
  • Assign loyalty points to account holders to drive return business

CustomizationBaileys loyalty card reverse

Don’t be concerned that you’ll end up giving lots of free products away, you have the ability in-house to fully customize the way the loyalty card module works, for example you can choose…

  • Whether the cards should be loyalty cards or simply account identification cards
  • How much a customer must spend to accrue a point
  • How much that point is worth
  • How many points must be accrued before they can be redeemed