How long does an install take and what’s involved?

When we install a system for a client an RBA installer will typically be on site for 2 days. Usually all the hardware will be installed and ready to use by the afternoon of the first day. The remainder of the first day and the entirety of the second day is spent training staff and managers on proper use of the system.

We’re not just plugging in computers though. An RBA installer is also there to advise you on best business practice and is on-hand to answer any questions or fulfill specific requirements that arise during the two days we are on-site.

How are you able to install the system so quickly?

In the days and weeks leading up to an install we’ll gather lots of information about your business from you so that we can begin tailoring your Retailer system at our office’s before we even walk on site. In this time we can load the system with your main supplier’s product data or even transfer data from any existing EPOS system. In this way we can devote more of our on-site time to guiding and supporting you with the personal touch that we are so proud of.

What happens after the install?

Just because we’ve left the building doesn’t mean you’re on your own. We have a dedicated support desk who are available to answer any follow up questions you might have. They can log in remotely and show you exactly how to use the system to it’s full potential. If you want to speak to your installer again that’s not a problem, all our staff are responsible for supporting our existing customers.