Hurst Green

Hurst Green StoreCompany: Hurst Green Home & Garden
Demographic: Hardware, DIY, Garden, Building, Plumbing
Location: Midlands
Website: Facebook Page
RBA Implemented: 2006
No of Stores: 1
Stores Size(s): Small/Medium
No of Tills: 2
No of Back Office: 1

History and General Information

Hurst Green Home And Garden are a locally run business that has been serving the local community for 15 years, they provide a friendly and personal service. With their large stock you won’t be found wanting. Hurst Green have been using RBA Retailer since 2006. Hurst Green are use Stax as their predominant supplier and make great use of our Stax Till 2 Till Integration.

What they said
When asked in 2013 how they thought their new system had performed, they said;

I’ve been using the RBA system for many years now but it just keeps getting better.

I’ve been able to reduce my stock, and quite drastically when I’ve needed to, without hurting my business, and keep very close tabs on margins and expenditure.

The ongoing time savings and cost benefits greatly outweigh the initial expenditure and it is so easy to use.

Primary supplier(s)
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