Handheld Scanners

Handheld Scanner Integration


The perfect compliment to the Retailer stock control and sales system. A rugged portable scanner with excellent battery life that makes month end or even year end stock takes a thing of the past. It also has a range of other uses. Comes with the choice to either rent or buy, you can keep your stock figures up to date without the need to cease trading or work out of hours.


What can I do with a Handheld Scanner

Handheld Scanner ExampleThe handheld scanners are incredibly versatile and when combined with the Retailer system are a match made in heaven, you can do all this and more…

  • Create purchase orders by scanning the stock you need, when there’s no stock to scan you can always scan our shelf edge labels that have the product’s barcode on!
  • Easily book in your stock from in-coming deliveries, simply scan what you see and your stock control will be accurate and your goods in procedures will be fast and efficient
  • Load new range of products by scanning your new products, enter your desired selling price on the scanner. When you dock the scanner the system will load all the new product records and create a label run so you can price them up. Easy!
  • Achieve an annual or rolling stock count in a fraction of the time by scanning you shop and warehouse stock, the handheld will add everything up and even take into account what you’ve sold during the count so you don’t have to close
  • Replace any damaged or incorrect price labels by creating a label run, we can produce both shelf edge labels and sticky labels
  • You can also scan the products a customers wants to purchase and then populate a checkout basket ready for a cash sale, invoice or delivery sheet