EPOS Software

No Ordinary EPOS System

A good EPOS system not only looks more professional when serving the customer but speeds up the whole process. Whether it’s a straight sale or a slightly more complicated one. Touch screen means you are always facing the customer and speeds up the transactions and a professionally printed receipt or credit note is expected from your modern day customer. As is an integrated chip & pin or contactless payment system. A range of hardware is available to suit your needs, including Bluetooth scanners, slim or pop-up cash drawers, stand-alone customer displays, everything you need specific to your layout. You are now logging every sale of every product, every cost and selling price and everything the assistant does at the till. This information is priceless and will flow through the system presenting itself just where you need it. The software comes in different flavours (modules) as well. so you only have to buy what you need. Upgrade what you need, when you need to.

Product / Stock Management

Product data is key to the management of your system and you need to be able to record and monitor all aspects of them. Here are just some of the essential controls you have

  • Set protected minimum selling prices / margins
  • Retire obsolete products, and purge unwanted records
  • Set limited time offer prices or special offers linked to other stock lines
  • Set product alerts that appear on checkout (like minimum selling age or an associated product)
  • Link multiple sale items to one stock code or sell items in decimal quantities (like 1.25m of cable, etc)
  • Link a product to a stock code as a fraction or multiple of that stock code (like selling 12.5m of cable would deduct a quarter of a 50m roll out of stock)
  • Print bulk runs of labels for products ie, that have changed price or require new shelf edge or tag end labels.
  • Apply more price options like a recommended trade price, buying discount off list, up to two trade percentage discounts or link your selling price to the list as a percentage.
  • Apply stock locations
  • Apply extended descriptions, notes or even a picture to the stock record
  • Bulk analysis and manipulation tool for fast and efficient stock record maintenance

Retail Sales & Checkout

Our CHECKOUT screen has everything you need to serve any type of customer from one screen.

  • Serve retail and trade customers without switching screens
  • Serve multiple clients at a time and recall any sale from any till
  • Integrated chip & pin payment system with contactless.
  • Apply discounts or special prices if security allows, client discounts are picked up automatically
  • Staff sign on/off logging and timesheets with Dalls key method for more security
  • Add unlimited products to PLU buttons for quick picking
  • Produce gift vouchers, gift cards or credit notes
  • Integrated deliveries, collections and special orders with deposits
  •  Integrated cashing-up screen for reconciliation
  • Add new loyalty customers to your database at point of sale and issue loyalty cards
  • integrated postcode lookup of client address details

Accounts and Trade Discounting

With the ‘customer pricing’ module, Retailer will control and remember all the customer specific prices you need, and if you use discounting you have only to maintain the selling prices of your products. You can also use net prices or price reductions if required. Accounts are handled using open orders which are converted to invoices as often as you want.

  • Set discounts for clients or groups of clients based on stock departments and / or groups.
  • Set specific net prices, discounts or net reductions against individual products for clients or groups of clients.
  • Quantity based discounts on items for clients or groups of clients.
  • Manage your net prices easily and convert to percentage discounts easily.
  • Define customers trading status and terms, place bad payers on stop or cash only.
  • Purge unused or dormant accounts with audit trail kept of changes made to accounts and who made them.
  • Trade sales can be entered as or converted to delivery orders, worksheets, quotations, proforma invoices or simply supplied and invoiced straight away.
  • Delivery orders entered are stored and picked later as required, thus speeding up the administration process from order receipt to delivery.
  • Special products can be created and added to orders as a reminder to source them later.
  • Print diaries for workers detailing their workload and worksheets for each job
  • Text and email consignment notifications and tracking
  • Enter special instructions against a consignment

Deliveries, Collections & Special Orders

An important part of modern retailing is the ability to handle every type of sale, quickly and efficiently. Deliveries and customer collections are the most common but with our unique Supplier Integration function you can quickly add a new product from a supplier to a sale and mark it for delivery or collection later as well.

  • These orders also then flow through the purchasing module to ensure these items appear on the purchase orders to the suppliers
  • And finally, the goods receiving module notifies the user as to all the items in a delivery that are to be put aside for clients orders
  • Email and SMS notifications can inform your clients their delivery is on the way or collection ready.
  • Full or part prepayment of these orders is possible via deposits, or they can go on an account.
  • Orders can also be held as quotes, pro-formas, workshop jobs, or outwork / fitting jobs.
  • Printed or emailed documentation for all these sale types is available and fully customisable


Don’t pour your money into stock you can’t sell. At the heart of any good system is the ability to purchase the right products from the right supplier at the right time. And again, our unique Supplier Integration functions are key to making this possible. Here’s what to expect..

  • Bulk orders tool tells you what orders are ready to be done. (sometimes you forget about the smaller suppliers)
  • Visibility of full sales history of each line on your order. Monthly, weekly and a 2 year comparison graph
  • Current stock level, minimum level, current margin, quantity committed to orders, quantity already on order.
  • On-screen colour theme indicates supplier cost changes, cheaper suppliers, obsoleted by supplier, on promotion and end of line status.
  • A manual purchase log is available to record any other items you need to purchase.
  • Generate suggested purchase orders automatically, based on buying up to the optimum stock level and/or based on a statistical analysis of sales.
  • Send your purchase orders electronically to any supplier
  • Integrates with almost any suppliers ordering system
  • Full backlog reports and performance reports.
  • Analysis tool for calculating suggested minimum stocks across ranges of products

Managing Returns

Under normal circumstances, if a customer returns an item that is faulty, it would be put somewhere safe until being returned to the supplier for a refund or replacement. However, in reality it is never that simple. Not only can they simply go missing, they could get put back on the shelf and sold again, or get damaged by floating around the stock room for too long. You also have to account for this item not being in stock when it actually is, and find the invoice number for it. The returns module handles all your needs with the following features.

  • Easy to use log screen to enter products that need returning to suppliers.
  • Add items to the log at point of refund from checkout
  • Prints a returns ticket to attach to the item
  • Browse and edit the log at any time.
  • Items are removed from stock when put on the log.
  • Create returns notes by supplier when required (produces a returns note to marry with the eventual credit from the supplier).
  • Report on items returned, by supplier.

Ledgers and Accounting

If you are looking for a fully integrated accounting package that is compliant with ‘Making Tax Digital’, ‘Retailer’ has the solution.

  • Live Integration between Sales Modules, Sales Ledger and Nominal Ledger.
  • Professional invoice and statement printing or Emailing.
  • Overdue letters printing / emailing facility.
  • Direct Debits, both fixed and variable with output files for most banks.
  • Sales ageing / debtors report, detailed and summary with numerous filter options.
  • Payments due report indicating cash flow.
  • Direct Debit payment collection report, statements and bank report.
  • Purchase ledger invoices can be passed for payment or placed on query.
  • Invoice authorisation screen allows invoices in query to be released for payment.
  • Multi-branch analysis to nominal ledger.
  • Nominal Ledger Sub-codes allow expenses for individuals, vehicles, etc to be reported on across a range of nominal codes.
  • Unlimited accounting periods can be open at any one time.
  • Closed periods can still be reported on, provided that they are still in the current financial year.
  • Expense modules for simple processing of expense claims.
  • Sundry journal entries can be standard or reversing (where the second would contra the first in the next period).
  • Recurring entries allow for repetitive journal entries to be automatically posted either monthly or quarterly and for a specified number of periods.
  • Bank clearances for as many accounts as you wish.
  • Define your own nominal codes and descriptions, also if the nominal account is subject to further analysis by sub-code.
  • Period information screen showing all basic accounting information relating to the period you are currently working in.
  • Balance sheet and Profit & Loss by branch or consolidated.
  • VAT Return report (matching the customs & excise VAT form).
  • Trial Balance for open or closed periods.
  • Nominal sub-code reports, can be sorted by nominal code or sub-code.

Sage Integration

SAGE Sage Line 50 is one of the most commonly used accounting systems amongst small businesses. One of the benefits of RBA being a Sage Business Partner is that we can ensure a robust link between Sage Line 50 and Retailer using Sage’s integration tools. The resulting solution is used in confidence by many of our customers. This integration module is extremely easy to use and enables both systems (Sage Line 50 and Retailer) to be used side by side. Sage as an accounting system, Retailer to manage everything else from stock control, purchase orders, sales reports and analysis, to invoice production. Here are some of the strong points..

  • Simple one touch control.
  • Can be set to update manually or automatically.
  • There are no additional Sage license fees.
  • Updates Sage with latest cash sales figures, which are posted to the Sage nominal ledger.
  • Sales postings are broken down by payment method, VAT and sales analysis.
  • Posts all new sales ledger invoices to the customers’ accounts in Sage, with the appropriate analysis and VAT breakdown.
  • Updates Sage customer balances.
  • Updates customers’ balances in Retailer V10, from Sage updated records.
  • Multi-Branch capable, by posting to different nominal codes by branch.
  • Updates Retailer with new credit accounts and any changes to existing credit accounts automatically.
  • Updates Retailer with new or changed supplier accounts.
  • One-off transfer of all products in Sage, into Retailer, to aid setup.
  • Data migration available from Sage Paypoint

Supplier Integration

Unique to the RBA system is the way in which it can be updated very easily with supplier data. Cutting out an immense amount of work that has to be done both implementing and maintaining it for years to come. Our is the only system that allows you to get started using your system without the need to spend days or weeks setting it up first and we also offer a unique portal on our website to contact all the suppliers to get your information for import. Heres some of the great features presented by this powerful module. (please note: not all suppliers offer all of these supplier-side integration features)

  • Interfaces with an optional portable scanner to add new products automatically.
  • Products do not need to be set up to commence sales but are recognised and stored automatically on the first sale
  • Over 1 Million barcodes and descriptions to get you started (no supplier information)
  • Segregates new products for verification on a simple set-up screen to confirm the new products details.
  • Ongoing cost price updates enabling almost real-time margin maintenance
  • Update selling prices on lines before they sell out
  • Shelf or tag label pricing makes this easier and saves an immense amount of time receiving goods

Most of the major suppliers in the DIY, Hardware & Homewares industry have worked with us to offer some more advanced features

  • Automated download of extended product details including description, barcode, brand, pack size, cost and suggested selling price
  • Download the latest pricing information from Homehardware and then action those cost price changes across your product range
  • Update your product range with Homehardware data across a wide spectrum of attributes, don’t want Homehardware’s descriptions but you do want their cost prices? No problem
  • Amend selling prices against those cost price changes in batch so as to maintain your margin and profitability
  • Download the latest promotions and assign the correct product range enabling you to assess the financial benefit of each promotion
  • Electronically send your purchase orders directly to the Homehardware server, no more faxing!
  • Receive order acknowledgments in real time with fulfillment estimates

Till2till rba epos

  • Also automated product information downloads with additional status information ie on promotion, end of line, etc
  • Create and save purchase orders in the correct format ready to be uploaded to your on-line Stax shopping basket
  • Prints your shopping list in Stax bay order
  • One-press download of your invoice within 20 mins of going through the till at Stax
  • Automatically adds any new stock lines ready for goods receiving

With over 500 on our list now there isn’t room to list them all but here are some of them

home hardware scotland logo

Labelling & Merchandising

Not all retail spaces lend themselves to 100% shelf edge or tag end label merchandising. But more often than not, the percentage that can be labelled this way is high. This also means that the savings in time and margin can also be high.

Not only do you save time receiving deliveries, because they don’t all need pricing individually, but it also gives you the opportunity to change your prices when you need to.

So when the supplier integration (yes that again!) highlights that a range of lines from a supplier have increased in price, well before you are due to replace them, you can alter the selling price knowing that you haven’t got to peel stickers off every item. You can also give your staff time to get this done by making the new prices effective a few days in the future.

Client Cards / Loyalty

Many high street retailers these days use some form of loyalty system to attract new clients and encourage them to spend more, or more often. The Client Cards module, available as an additional module with ‘Retailer’ allows you to do just this, and more.

Printed client cards are encoded with a simple barcode so they can be scanned at point of sale, without the need for any additional hardware, and this tells the assistant everything they need to know.

  • Assign multiple cards to a single customer or account, each one given to a named card holder
  • Identifies the cardholder at point of sale by simply scanning their card into the checkout
  • The sale then adjusts to the account status and parameters as necessary
  • Instantaneously apply a customers discount terms at point of sale, eliminating the possibility of mistakes or the need for a supervisory role at the tills
  • Allow the sale to be processed to a credit account only if the card allows
  • Have the ability to email receipts at point of sale directly from the till to the cardholder
  • Assign loyalty points to account holders to drive return business
  • Loyalty points are awarded based on spend and are customizable
  • Remove loyalty points from individual products or enhance points on others

WiFi Hand Held / Tablet

The RBA Mobile App is an Android Application developed by RBA that enables you to query and update product information with your Retailer System live and while on the move.

RBA Mobile is not just an Android App. The package includes…

Also see our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVR7dyb-92A

Digital Signature Capture

With the cost of printing, raw materials and labour steadily rising, going paperless is becoming more and more popular with businesses and consumers. The environmental aspects are also an important factor in the current climate. Integrated signature capture pads on your tills can be another step towards this paperless goal and save a great deal of time.

  • No need to hunt out and copy manual POD’s
  • Captures the client signature on desk mounted LCD pad, at point of sale
  • Prints the captured signature on the clients copy
  • prints on the clients’ consolidated or individual invoices
  • stored centrally and backed up with the data
  • Historical records can be kept as long as needed

Digital Archiving

Another great time saving feature of ‘Retailer’ is our electronic document archiving software module. This basically links with your document scanner (provided it is compatible) and can scan pretty much any document and save it for recall later. The scan is saved centrally and is tagged against a system record such as a purchase invoice or sales record so it can be used by everyone and for almost any purpose.

  • Misc Documents, price lists, pdf catalogues (there is also a drag and drop import option)
  • Purchase invoices
  • Returns notes
  • Sales order/ delivery related documents
  • Retrieval by order or by account
  • Multi user

Web Integration

One of the huge drawbacks of running an on-line business these days is coordinating the sales and stock control on your website with that of your store. And then there is also the issue of learning to use a new system for loading and updating stock files and images.

We at RBA recognise these issues and can provide an extension to our base EPOS software that is seamlessly integrated and can manage the stock and sales of products on a webshop.

To see a demo site based on some of the hardware and software in our own Retailer system, take a look here: www.realbusinessapplications.co.uk

  • Single stock file across store and website
    • No dual entry of data
    • No extra training required
    • Full control of web products from EPOS
    • Web categories, subcategories and images controlled from EPOS
    • Integrated live stock levels
    • Web pricing can be independent to store pricing
    • Meta tags, descriptions and keywords controlled by EPOS
    • Client data downloaded to EPOS
    • Orders downloaded to EPOS
    • Stock committed for re-order
    • Local delivery orders can be handled (self delivered)


Hiring products presents a whole new set of challenges to a normally ‘Retail Only’ environment. So we have developed a hire module that fulfills all the needs of a business that offers hire as a complimentary service to their normal sales operations.

  • Keep track of all your assets and where they are by serial number
  • Flexible pricing mechanisms to suit any prcing structures
  • Production of continuation invoices for ongoing hire contracts
  • Hire diary to show availability of products by group

Courier Integration

Retailer supports integration with DPD for the quick and efficient dispatch of consignments. This solution is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with our Web Integration Module but just as powerful for businesses that deliver frequently. This module enables you to print a DPD consignment note and arrange collection of the consignment from multiple pickup locations. The customer can also receive text and or email updates as to the status of their order. Here are some of the great features that this module supports… Features • Generate a list of services offered by DPD showing only those services available for the delivery postcode

  • Setup multiple carriage services which can then be easily selected
  • Determine free carriage based on order amount
  • Quickly select the desired service and book the consignment while dispatching
  • Print DPD labels on a DPD printer or an existing standard A4 printer
  • No paperwork to fill in by hand
  • Multiple collection addresses supported
  • Text and email consignment notifications and tracking
  • Enter special instructions against a consignment
  • Up to three lines of additional reference supported
  • Quickly re-print consignment labels as and when required
  • Determine free carriage based on order amount
  • Quickly select the desired service and book the consignment while dispatching
  • Print DPD labels on a DPD printer or an existing standard A4 printer
  • No paperwork to fill in by hand

Multi Currency Support

In Brief The Multi Currency module will allow you to create as many currencies as you like and set the exchange rates accordingly, as and when you need to.

You can then assign a currency to a supplier so that you can make up purchase orders in that currency or a customer so that you can sell to them in that currency.

  • Create as many currencies as you like
  • Create and update exchange rates
  • Assign currencies to clients and suppliers
  • Assign fixed exchange rates to a client
  • Create purchase orders in different currencies
  • Create sales in different currencies
  • Control a client or supplier’s ledger is their local currency
  • Take and make ledger payments in their local currency

Email Server

The ‘Retailer’ system integrates with any MAPI email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) so for the smaller businesses, a single pc being used to send all the invoices, statements, purchase orders, etc is fine. But when you have multiple users on the network that require the ability to send these, setting each one up can be complicated and also confusing as to who sent what when you get a customer query. We are also seeing more frequently now that security updates from many software vendors are causing increasing issues with this type of integration. Our email server module solves all these problems.

  • Setup on one pc on the network (normally the server)
  • Handles an effectively unlimited amount of emails and manages their delivery
  • Dashboard givng full visibility so you can see what didn’t reach the recipient or bounced
  • Runs invisibly so doesn’t interfere with the desktop or get shut down accidentally
  • Integrates with Amazon SES (simple email services) for outstanding reliability
  • Economical to maintain
  • Allows a statement and multiple invoices to be attached to one email

mSeller Integration

If you have a mobile sales force then you’re certainly going to need the ability to take orders and show clients products and prices on the road. Printed catalogues and price lists are expensive to produce and go out of date so quickly these days aswell. So RBA have integrated the ‘Retailer’ system with mSeller. An entirely independent and extensive system designed to do just that.

mSeller offers businesses the most capable and comprehensive catalogue and order management app available on the market today.  With continual investment and development, the mSeller team continues to add more features and functionality in line with customers’ needs.  You’ll wonder how your business ever lived without it!

  • Process transactions instantly.
  • Place transactions and send back to head office within seconds.
  • Works online and offline.
  • Works online and offline through wireless 3G/4G.
  • No annual fees
  • Great value monthly subscription per user.
  • Exceptional support
  • Our friendly team provides unlimited support to administrators and front-end users.
  • Superb customer management
  • Customer visit logging, automatic and manual creation of appointment lists.


Need some information? Everything you need should be available in at least one or more of the suite of reports in ‘Retailer’

  • Scheduled reporting for customised daily updates, for eg. supplier price changes, sales performance, overdue accounts
  • Built-in dashboard for a quick overview
  • Standard reporting suite for every module. ie, sales, inventory, purchasing, ledgers, etc


We offer help and support to any client wishing to take advantage of this service and will answer pretty much any query you might have relating to the day to day operation of your system. whether it may be a pc that is misbehaving or a problem remembering how to analyse minimum stocks. Resources are also available online on our website, there are shortcut links to these documents with the software itself and there is also a suite of videos, help guides and application notes to cover all aspects of the system.

Our support desk is manned during normal office hours and we do provide weekend and out of hours support. Our normal telephone line has an answering service that forwards all messages to the on-call engineer, all the time the offices are closed.

  • Contact us by telephone or email
  • Remote access is used frequently to resolve issues or offer guidance
  • Support ticket system keeps accurate records of your history
  • Software updates keep you up to date with the latest developments
  • Full suite of support documents, help guides and videos online