Retailer EPOS Software, Integrated E-Commerce

In Brief

One of the huge drawbacks of running an on-line business these days is co-ordinating the sales and stock control with that of a retail operation. And there is also the issue of learning to use a new system for loading and updating stock files and images.

We at RBA recognise these issues and can provide an extension to our base EPOS software that is seamlessly integrated and can manage the stock and sales of products on a webshop.

To get an indication of the great features and benefits available to you with Retailer’s Web Integration take a look at this document

Web Integration Features

To see a demo site based on some of the hardware and software in our own Retailer system follow the link below.

It manages all the category and brand structure required to populate an on-line shop, as well as meta descriptions, web selling prices, weights, etc and also the addition of web images and uploading them to the web site.So you do not have to worry about checking stock, cost prices and selling prices constantly to keep the web shop up to date. Or worrying about selling items you no longer have. Or selling items at a loss and not knowing.These functions already happen in the Retail environment so it is a perfect solution to manage it here. This also means that you do not need any special training, software or skill bases to run the web-shop. An assistant who is familiar with the EPOS system can maintain your web-shop as well.

Features and Benefits

  •  Single stock file across store and website
  •  No dual entry of data
  •  No extra training required
  •  Full control of web products from EPOS
  •  Web categories, subcategories and images controlled from EPOS
  •  Integrated live stock levels
  •  Web pricing can be independent to store pricing
  •  Meta tags, descriptions and keywords controlled by EPOS
  •  Client data downloaded to EPOS
  •  Orders downloaded to EPOS
  •  Stock committed for re-order
  •  Local delivery orders can be handled (self delivered)

Some of our client’s sites

We have delivered dozens of websites over the years, here are just a few live examples

Sites using our web module developed with our partners SymposiumSolutions


Courier Integration

We understand that a major concern in any eCommerce businesses is logoshow efficiently products can be dispatched to customers. That’s why we partner with DPD one of the UK’s leading courier services, both at national and international level. Here are some of the details of our Courier Integration solution.