Client Pricing

Client Records

Clients Suppliers Database Screenshot
Keep a detailed record of all your customers and suppliers including full name, address, phone / fax number and contact names.

  • Define customers trading status and terms at setup stage.
  • Place bad payers on stop or cash only.
  • Purge unused or dormant accounts / contacts.
  • Audit trail kept of changes made to contact details and who made them.




The following are not available in express:

  • Retrieve full customer address from postcode via live internet server
  • Group your customers for reporting purposes.
  • Hold delivery details and special instructions.
  • Hold min order, carriage free and account ref details for your suppliers.
  • Set clients credit limits and payment terms.
  • Integrated client identification card system (separate module).
  • Multi-browse screen that shows all a customers transactions, completed and outstanding, for a quick overview of their account.


Multi Browse Screenshot

Note: This is an additional module and not included with ‘Retailer v10 SOLO’

Introduction to Customer Specific Pricing

Outside normal retail operations, Retailer can also provide for all aspects of Trade or Account sales.

One of the most important and complex aspects of this type of transaction is maintaining and controlling your customers pricing.

Many retailers try to limit the amount of specific prices or discounts they offer to clients, simply to reduce their work load and simplify their invoice production.

With the ‘customer pricing’ module, Retailer will control and remember all the customer specific prices you need, and if you use discounting you have only to maintain the selling prices of your products.

You can also use net prices or price reductions if required.



  • Set discounts for clients or groups of clients based on stock departments and / or groups.
  • Set specific prices, discounts or nett reductions against individual products for clients or groups of clients.
  • Design your own discount matrices and apply them to individual or multiple clients.


Customer Pricing Screenshot

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  • Review your customer prices using the price reporting options.
  • Manage your nett prices easily and convert to percentage discounts easily.