Watson Home Hardware

Company Watson Home HardwareWatson Home Hardware Store
Demographic Hardware, DIY, Garden, Cookshop
Location Lincolnshire
Website www.homehardware.co.uk
RBA Implemented July 2006
No of Stores 2
Stores Size(s) small / Medium
No of Tills 4
No of Back Office 2

History and General Information
Watson home hardware approached us whilst still using standard cash tills at both of their stores. They measured us against a number of other EPOS providers when deciding which solution to purchase, but the strong ties and integration we have with Home Hardware made ‘Retailer’ the most suitable for their business. They have two stores just 50 yards apart on opposite sides of the road which are connected via a wireless link, so they only pay for broadband at one side. They have a synchronised stock file at both sides and run accounts at both sides, which are then consolidated at one side where the statements are run.

What they said
When asked in 2010 how they thought their new system had performed, they said;
“I’ve looked at our latest annual accounts and compared them to those from immediately prior to installing the system. They show the following:

Stockturn – increased by 20%
Profit margin – increased by 14%
Turnover – increased by 35%.

Although this is all very pleasing, I think the real benefits are less tangible in terms of financial ratios.
Preparing an order to our main supplier now takes 10-15 minutes while previously it took up most of a working day.
We can purchase special offers accurately based on our actual sales figures rather than a best guess.
Having a competent epos system in place gives us the confidence to continue expanding our business.
Our cashflow seems so much better now. We have purchased a new van, carried out a complete re-fit at one shop and we are about to carry out substantial alterations to the other shop in order to greatly increase sales area.”

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