RW Morten (Ilkley) Ltd

Company RW Morten (Ilkley) Ltdrw_morten
Demographic Hardware, DIY, Garden, Cookshop
Location Ilkley, Yorkshire
RBA Implemented 2013
No of Stores 1
Stores Size(s) Medium / Large
No of Tills 4
No of Back Office 2

History and General Information
Mortens tried and gave up with another EPOS system some years ago as they found that it took way too much time to setup and maintain. It was costing money to run instead of making life easier. Hence they were dubious when another client of ours told them that Retailer was the exact opposite.
But after seeing the system for themselves they took the plunge and haven’t looked back since.

What they said
“After a previous bad experience we always said an Epos system could never work for a company like ours who stock in excess of 25,000 lines….how wrong we were. The retailer system has quite simply transformed the way we do business. Its saves us both time and money both of which are precious. It takes a bit of time to set up but it is very straightforward and RBA’s staff are both helpful and knowledgeable whenever we need any assistance. I wish we had installed the retailer system years ago and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it”.