Company Homeconomyhomeconomy (1)
Demographic Hardware, DIY
Location Leeds
RBA Implemented 2015
No of Stores 1
Stores Size(s) Small
No of Tills 1
No of Back Office 0

History and General Information
Homeconomy is a small yet well established hardware shop that has served its local community for a great many years, being run almost solely by the proprietor. So to invest in what some see as a ‘glorified till’, at over twenty times the cost of an ordinary till, was a huge leap of faith and test of resolve to learn a new system and make it work. On top of this, they did not want to go to the expense of paying for any installation and training and so opted to do it themselves.
We pre-configured the system for them and installed everything and then marked up the cables so it would be easy for them to install.

I don’t think we even got a call until the second day they had been using it. The first time we met the client was at a trade show later in the year where other visitors thought they were on our sales team!
Yet another happy customer.

What they said
“When my two part time mature staff said they had NEVER used a computer and didn’t know how to switch one on my heart sank! They both stared at it, kept their distance and said maybe its time we “retired”.
By the end of week one, they were printing their own bar code labels and doing product enquiries! Checkout screen is very user friendly. Great system love how it auto adds products to stock database from RBAstock on the 1st scan. The amount of information you discover about your business is incredible especially the number of products you have been giving away without realizing!
RBA support although we have not had to use it much, is 1st class nothing is too much trouble. I can recommend RBA to anyone worried about taking the plunge into an EPOS till system.”