AIW Key Centre

Company AIW Key Centre / AG & R Equipment Ltdaiw keys
Demographic Locksmith & Trade Tool Supply
Location Weston Super Mare / Bridgwater
RBA Implemented 2008 / 2013
No of Stores 2
Stores Size(s) Medium
No of Tills 2 + 1 = 3
No of Back Office 10 + 7 = 17
Data Conversion From Concord

History and General Information

AIW key centre discovered RBA at a Locksmith trade show a long time ago, but their existing system at the time did a fair proportion of what they needed it to do. So investing again was a hard decision to make and it took a few years to finally take the plunge. But since then they have invested again and again, increasing their user count, utilising all the features they can to make life easier and eventually having the confidence to take over another company and implement RBA straight away and know from day one that the business can be handled and monitored quickly and easily.

What they said

Prior to using RBA we had been operating a separate point of sale and back office system. The introduction of the new software enabled a full integration of both improving the efficiency of the business. Our satisfaction with the system is evident as, following the acquisition of another business 2 years ago, we didn’t feel the need to look at other alternatives and RBA was installed in the new premises. Both branch systems can ‘talk’ to each other enabling remote access with changes in selected areas at one end (e.g. product file) being replicated at the other.