Some Of Our Clients

We have almost 1000 clients, and have taken a sample of just a few. Click a pin on the map for more details or browse by shop type. We’ve included some information about our client’s businesses and what they said about our system.

By Business Type

Hardware & Ironmongery

Watsons Home Hardware – Watsons has 2 stores, one on either side of the street, they have been using Retailer since 2006

RW Morten (Ilkley) Ltd – RW Morten were dubious about adopting a new epos system, however once they made the change they never looked back

Homestyles of Arran – Homestyles were having difficulty managing their rapidly growing business, however RBA’s supplier integration has saved them a lot of time and effort

Hurst Green Home & Gardens – Hurst Green have been serving the local community for over 15 years and they’ve been using Retailer since 2006

Lerwick DIY – Lerwick DIY are very satisfied with how much work the RBA system does for them, automatically integrating their stock with suppliers

Homeconomy – Homeconomy have recently gone from rarely using a computer, to being fully engaged in the features that the RBA system provides


AIW Key Centre – AIW Key Centre switched to RBA after a few years of contemplation, they decided that they needed a more powerful system to manage their growing business
Nener’s Master Locksmiths – Nener’s Master Locksmiths & Security was established in 1951 and is fortunate to have an envied clientele


Mitchells Ironmongers – Mitchells have been using Retailer since 2013 and make use of our digital signature pads

Baileys Building Ltd – Baileys have a single checkout and multiple back office machines that support their growing building business