Advanced Product Setup

Advanced Product Set Up


Whereas Retailer Express will allow you to setup products and maintain your various prices for them, this advanced products module will let you do a whole lot more.

Product Entry Screenshot

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  • Set protected minimum selling prices for your products
  • Retire obsolete products
  • Set limited time offer prices
  • Set product alerts that appear on checkout (like minimum selling age or an associated product)
  • Link multiple sale items to one stock code
  • Sell items in decimal quantities (like 1.25m of cable, etc)
  • Link a product to a stock code as a fraction or multiple of that stock code (like selling 12.5m of cable would deduct a quarter of a 50m roll out of stock)
  • Add Product Images for easy reference
  • Print bulk runs of labels for products in stock that have changed price or require new shelf edge or tag end labels.
  • Apply more price options to your stock items like a recommended trade price, buying discount off list, up to two trade percentage discounts or link your selling price to the list as a percentage.


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  • Apply stock locations
  • Set up to three suppliers for each product, with their part reference


Product Entry Screenshot 3

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  • Apply extended descriptions to any product
  • Add related notes or even a picture to the stock record.


Product Entry Screenshot 4

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