Accounting & Nominal Ledger


A fully integrated and well rounded accounting system, with all the functions required to produce your management accounts and VAT returns.



  • Real time integration from purchase ledger, sales ledger, expenses and sales modules.
  • Multi-Branch capable.
  • Nominal Sub-codes allow expenses for individuals, vehicles, etc to be reported on across a range of nominal codes.
  • Unlimited accounting periods can be open at any one time.
  • Closed periods can still be reported on, provided that they are still in the current financial year.
  • Expense modules for simple processing of expense claims. When the expense is closed and paid a journal entry is written to the nominal ledger. Avoiding manually creating complex journal entries.
  • Sundry journal entries can be standard or a pair of entries where the second would contra the first in the next period. It is also possible to edit these entries provided that the period of the first entry has not been closed.
  • Recurring entries allow for repetitive journal entries to be automatically posted either monthly or quarterly and for a specified number of periods.
  • Bank clearances for as many accounts as you wish.
  • Define your own nominal codes and descriptions, also if the nominal account is subject to further analysis by sub-code.
  • Period information screen showing all basic accounting information relating to the period you are currently working in.


Accounting Screenshot



  • Balance sheet and Profit & Loss by branch or consolidated.
  • Accounting entries by period or date range.
  • Browse by nominal account code for an individual or range of periods.
  • VAT Return report (matching the customs & excise VAT form).
  • Payments received and purchase invoices reports by period.
  • Purchase payments made report by period.
  • Trial Balance for open or closed periods.
  • Nominal sub-code reports, can be sorted by nominal codeor sub-code.