About Us

About Us

We are an electronic point of sale (EPOS) software development company based in Ilfracombe, Devon. We also have an office in Hersham, Surrey just over 10 miles from the centre of London. For over 25 years we have been EPOS software suppliers for a variety of Retail outlets – take a look at some of our clients.


In Brief

Retailer is a Windows based EPOS software package that puts you in complete control of your business. Improve turnover, stock holding, purchasing, labour efficiency and cost efficiency. You can tailor Retailer’s functions according to how your business operates.

EPOS Till Hardware Example
Retailer incorporates all the essential functions you could need, including checkout sales, barcode scanning, client contact details, real time stock management and reporting tools.
For even greater efficiency Retailer includes a pre-loaded database of 1 million barcodes – ideal for products that have not been set up on your stock list and instantly accessible when you need it.
Retailer also enables you to integrate online sales with your retail business. It automatically updates your stock levels as you sell through both channels, making stock management quick and easy.
Even better, Retailer enables bespoke integration with virtually any supplier, providing an online communication system throughout the supply chain. This means you can easily access suppliers’ product ranges and order new stock at the very best price from within one online platform.
All this plus you have reassurance of robust security at all times.

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Our Services

RBA has an extensive customer base ranging from the western highlands of Scotland to the tips of Cornwall and Kent, whom we support, train and help via email, phone and remote access when necessary.

We can offer almost any installation package you require from establishing new networks on site or if you prefer you can install it yourself.

We also act as a source for the related equipment that is required for your retail computing needs, including barcode scanners, cash drawers, system printers, label printers, receipt printers, customer displays, handheld devices, networking and computers.
We pride ourselves on our ability to liaise with our customers and develop with them so that all can enjoy the mutual benefits of increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, functionality and feedback from these very powerful software solutions.

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Our Software

Our software has been designed with both functionality and flexibility in mind. Because there are many different business types and sizes, seven different software packages are available with varying capability. This puts you, the customer, in the driving seat, free to decide which package best suits the needs of your business and always with the option to upgrade.

Our software comprises of two core programs, Retailer and LPGas. Built around the same core system, each program has its own unique sales modules to suit the environment in which it excels as an EPOS solution. Retailer will suit almost any sales environment. It also has a superb deliveries module as well as keeping diaries and worksheets for site or workshop jobs. LPGas was originally designed for the gas distribution industry, but would suit any sales environment that distributes high volumes of goods on vehicles

Our products include Retailer Solo, Lite and Lite Plus, each product offering more functionality and greater integration. The full Retailer package includes sales ledger, purchase ledger, nominal ledger, asset log and can also integrate with an online credit card authorization package. As you would expect, there is a very smooth upgrade path should you wish to take advantage of the extra features offered by this package.

Our software’s user-friendly interface has always been a key to our success. It allows new users to become operational very quickly, and with the addition of the RBA stock module (which contains around 1 million barcodes), users can now be operational within a few hours of installing the software.

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5 Reasons to choose RBA

  1. Experience: Companies have been running our software for over 25 years

  2. Track Record: Over 600 satisfied clients from multiple retail sectors

  3. Support: Dedicated and experienced team to talk to when you need us

  4. E-Commerce: Web-shop, fully synchronized with your business

  5. Always improving: Our software is and will be constantly developed to keep up with your needs


Professional EPOS Software Supplier: You can depend on us

When you choose an EPOS system you want to be sure of two things: that it’s going to do exactly what you want and need for your particular business; and that you’re entering into a partnership with a software provider you can trust and rely on.

EPOS Software Supplier success after completed installation
As one of the leading EPOS Software suppliers we have been working with retailers all over the UK – from independent stores to larger multiples – who have chosen Retailer as their preferred EPOS system. Our success is due to high standards of customer service. We also work closely with key suppliers and buying groups to provide the highest degree of integration with the supply chain.

Our aim is to fulfil customer expectations and aspirations and we are committed to delivering tangible benefits for your business. And that is possible because we possess a wealth of experience and expertise that has given us insight into many retail sectors. Retailer is the result of that knowledge – a truly intuitive and flexible EPOS system developed and continuously evolving in response to customer needs.

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Retailer gives you total control and flexibility over your EPOS Software

Modular in design, Retailer can be tailored for your specific needs. We’ll spend time with you to fully understand your business operations and help you decide on the best solution for your requirements, meaning that you won’t end up paying an inflated sum for a software package that has redundant features.

Not just EPOS software we also stock label and Scanner solutionsThe beauty of Retailer is that as your business develops or expand in size, Retailer will grow with you; you can upgrade and integrate additional modules to your existing system as and when you need them.

And the result? Increased turnover, reduced stock and greater profit.

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