Worksheets and Diaries

Note: This is an additional module and not included with ‘Retailer v10 Express’.

Worksheets and Diaries

This module enables you to log customer orders requiring a site visit or workshop repair (like locksmiths / plumbers / equipment repairs for example) and schedule it for a particular date, time and person.

You can then keep, view and print a ‘diary’ for each person and print a worksheet for each job.

RB Retailer



  • Take customer orders and log them immediately, not to be forgotten.
  • Allocate each job to a person and on an available date and time.
  • View availability at a glance, anywhere on your network.
  • Print a job schedule (diary) for your fitters’ daily tasks.
  • Print a worksheet for each task showing any detailed instructions and requirements.
  • Track stock held on each vehicle if required.
  • Jobs can be changed, edited, cancelled or transferred to another fitter after entry.
  • Update the jobs after they have been completed, ensuring full accuracy.



  • Worksheets detail all areas of the job for exact reporting.
  • Worksheets print automatically with the diary or at point of entry.

Full history is kept and key information automatically prints on the invoices.