Whisk Cooking Solutions StoreCompany: Whisk Cooking Solutions Ltd
Demographic: Cookshop
Location: London
Website: www.whiskcooking.co.uk
RBA Implemented: 2006
No of Stores: 1
Stores Size(s): Medium
No of Tills: 2
No of Back Office: 1

History and General Information
Whisk Cooking Solutions implemented the RBA retailer system eight years ago when they decided to implement an EPOS system. They compared all those available on the market and RBA Retailer met all their needs and had scope for a growing business. They utilise all elements of the system from raising purchase orders, stock management, till system and can easily export data to use on other platforms. It allows them to tightly control stock, manage promotions in store and interrogate the data on the system for financial reporting

What they said
When asked in 2015 how they thought their new system had performed, they said;

The system is easy to navigate, can be tailored to each individual business and is quick to respond. The RBA support team are incredibly helpful and I have complete confidence in the system.