stock management and pricing

Introduction:The cornerstone of successful retail operations, is the ability to add, sell, move identify, price and track stock effectively.

Speed Entry

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  • Stock levels are automatically adjusted at the point of sale or refund and when goods are entered as received.
  • Manual stock adjustments are possible with an audit procedure for security.
  • Easy to use ‘goods in’ screen for booking in stock and updates stock levels.
  • Price and/or barcode labels can be printed for goods being booked in or on demand.
  • Replenishment report shows goods below min stock levels to aid purchasing and automatically writes the report to the ‘Access To Retail’ on-line purchasing website.
  • Product classifications can be designed by the user and can include items such as obsolete or discontinued items.
  • Apply future price changes and they will be applied automatically on the date required.
  • Setup the product and / or group buttons for the checkout screen:


Checkout Products


  • All changes to prices and products are audited and recorded by date and operator.
  • Multiple VAT rates, controlled by the user.
  • Apply Minimum Stock Levels.
  • Apply quantity break prices to products i.e. 2 for 1 offers:


Stock Quantity Break

Stock Enquiry

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  • Product / client / supplier enquiry window for fast lookup of related information, like prices, stock due in or telephone numbers and contact names.