All these basic reports are available with “Retailer Express”.Many more accompany other modules and features.

Introduction:With a wide range of reports across all areas from sales to stock and their related subjects, Retailer can give you all the information you need to improve and progress your business.

  • Stock sheets by department and group to aid stock checks.
  • Live stock valuations by product or department and group.
  • Actual (live) stock quantities report by product or department and group.
  • Product report by supplier.
  • Goods received report by product and/or supplier and/or delivery, between dates.
  • Product movement reports by product code, between dates.
  • Audit reports for stock adjustments.
  • Exception report for stock not adjusted / checked.
  • Till checks, on demand, by till and/or assistant.
  • ‘Z Reading’ report for those who are used to a conventional till.
  • Banking Report to summarise all takings.
  • New products added after a given date.
  • Product price reports by current price, profit margin or price changed after a date.
  • Print client/supplier listings by contact type, postcode, account code, credit status and more.
  • Stock valuations by product, department and group.
  • Stock replenishment report for products below minimum stock.
  • Inventory price and sales price audit reports to track price changes of stock and at point of sale.
  • Products with quantity break discounts applied.
  • Sales reports of value or quantity by product, customer, department, group and more.