New PLU Buttons

We have been working to create a new PLU button layout. In the new layout option you don’t have to include images for each PLU button giving you more space in the PLU button section on the checkout screen. Having more space enables you to add more products & levels on a screen at one time relative to the previous PLU setup. Also, you don’t have to worry about resizing your buttons anymore as Retailer takes care of this for you. Dynamically the buttons resize themselves based on the amount of buttons per level.

The levels are easy to identify using a colour code system. The products PLU buttons are a light green and the level PLU buttons are a light blue, this allows you to clearly and quickly identify the role of the PLU button in question. Clicking a product PLU button immediately populates the checkout basket with that product and keeps you on the PLU screen for adding more products.

When you open the checkout screen you can see one large button called ‘Product lookup buttons’. Once clicked, this then generates a new screen containing all the PLU buttons which you had previously setup. We haven’t made any changes to the setup of the PLU buttons so as to keep them simple to setup and consistent. We will be publishing a new help guide soon to aid you in setting up your new PLU buttons.

The new PLU buttons are available from Retailer version 10.86.0029.