integrated chip and pin

Why integrate?

Integrated Chip and Pin



  • No double keying, with associated risk of errors
  • More accurate till checks and ZED readings as all credit card transactions have been approved via Retailer EPOS
  • Broadband (ADSL) based for quick authorisation times, approx 5 seconds compared to 30-40 seconds for a PDQ using a standard telephone line
  • No line rental as it utilises your existing broadband connection.
  • Low monthly bureau costs, from just £19.50 per month.
  • Reduced desk space as you only need a pin pad.
  • Networked / multi-user option for keyed entries away from the till
  • Easier to train new staff
  • More professional, customers prefer consolidated receipts.
  • Free on line transaction history
  • Option for contactless Vx820 pinpads






Setup Fee £135 per terminal / CNP Workstation
Service rental from £19.50 per month (1 months’ advance rental required / 4 year contract)


Transaction charges

Your charges will remain the same as you will keep your existing account with your current provider. But for new accounts as a guide, you should be able to negotiate a credit card transaction fee of about 1.3% and 13p per debit card transaction, or better.