‘Checkout’ is a fast and easy way to process sales replacing the need for a conventional till. This module will support a range of touch screens, receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and customer display posts.

Designed not only to speed up the process of till operation but to transform the image of the retail environment aswell, every conceivable function required at a customer-facing sale point is present in our ‘Checkout’ screen.

An example of the checkout screen is shown below.


Fast Checkout touch screen display with full barcode scanning capability and all the functions critical to a demanding retail environment.

Checkout ScreenshotAny product type can be handled: barcoded, un-barcoded, loose, pre-pack, lengths, cut lengths, sheets, cut sheets, packs, split packs, decimals or fractions.

User defined screen buttons for single products or groups and sub-groups of products. (that you would not normally scan or bring to the till or dont have a barcode)

Design these buttons above yourself as drill-down menus, to select single or multiple products at a time for adding to a sale.

Search for products by description, code, supplier code, department and group, brand or style.

Assistant login / identification with dallas keys as an option.

Any assistant can use any till for cash/account sales and assistant working hours can be logged and timesheets produced if required.
Create open orders collection notes for customer account collections and store the signatures digitally.

Accounts can have pre-set discount structures or item prices. Even item prices based on a sale quantity of a single or range of items.

‘Lay Away’ orders for re-call later at any till point.

Stock availability display at point of product entry.

Apply special prices or discounts to individual lines of an order or apply discounts to the complete order.

Allow multiple payment methods

Record sundry cash in and out of the till.

unique and powerful till reconciliation module to record till counts, discrepancies and floats carried over.

Special delivery, collection and special order functions that integrate with the purchasing modules.

Faclitates refunds and returns that are validated with the clients receipt or a supervisor and can be refunded by means of a credit note.

Can produce Gift Vouchers of any denominaltion.

Integrates with our Client Cards Module which can facilitate account cards, discount cards, loyalty cards (collection of points) and trade cards.

Delivery points can be looked up from postcode using internet lookup service and printed on the receipt.

Postcode Anywhere

Integrated Chip & Pin Card payment solution speeds up transactions, no re-keying of amounts, no end-of-day reconciliation, no telephone line required.Find out more