Go Cardless

The developers here at RBA have been working on something new and exciting.  We are introducing a new integration with Go Cardless. This allows you to create your direct debits easier by linking your customer accounts in retailer with the customer accounts in your merchant dashboard within GC. Go Cardless also needs less manual user input as the recurring payments are collected automatically from GC and also posted to the customer account within retailer.

Once you have setup the original direct debit and linked the accounts between Retailer and Go Cardless, the process of collecting the money on those specified days is automatic with no manual input.







The Big Brands Trade Show Manchester

Another entry to add to your calendars!

The Big Brands Tradeshow 2019 Manchester, which is being held at STAX Manchester. This trade show is a two-day event, the two dates are Wednesday 25th September and  Thursday 26th September. On Wednesday, the show will begin at 9AM and finish at 5PM, then on Thursday, the show will begin at 9AM and will finish at 4PM.

paul will be attending this two-day trade show and is looking forward to showing you all the features of Retailer and RBA Mobile. As well as demonstrating any aspect of our software that you would like to see.

Hope to see you all there!


Big Brands Glasgow

It’s that time of the year again, its Trade Show season. We have reached that point where we are all filling our calendars with Trade Shows. To make this easier for you; we will be announcing all the upcoming exhibitions that we will be attending, to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

This year’s Big Brands Trade Show Glasgow is taking place on Wednesday 18th September 2019. The Trade Show will begin at 9AM and will finish at 7pm. The venue this year is STAX Trade Centre Glasgow.

paul will be exhibiting at the Trade Show for you to come along and take a look at a demonstration of RBA mobile and Retailer. Paul is able to demonstrate almost any aspect of our software. If you would like to see part of Retailer in action from a snapshot of our web integration to the digital signature capture, don’t be afraid to ask! Paul, as usual, will be happy to answer all of your questions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Home Hardware Convention Trade Show 2019

This year’s home hardware convention trade show is being held on Friday 15th November 2019 at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel in Devon.  The convention will begin at 9:30am and will finish at 4pm.

Steve and Jon will be exhibiting a stand at the show where they will be available to answer all your questions and have a chat.

At the convention, Steve and Jon will also be holding a demonstration of Retailer and RBA mobile for you all to see, make sure you don’t miss this!

We hope to see our existing customers and some new faces too!


Paymentsense Offer Alteration

Paymentsense will be changing the free terminal offer at the close of business on Friday 5th July 2019.

After Friday 5th July, Paymentsense will be making this offer tier based, qualification for free terminals will be based on your annual card turnover.

If your annual card turnover is under £500K, you will be eligible for 12 months half-price terminals, this is the cashback redemption offer. If your annual card turnover is over £500K, you will be eligible for free terminal rental and on a 30 day tolling contract.

Paymentsense will calculate your annual card turnover based on your monthly statements. For you to meet the £500K threshold, you would have to provide a monthly statement greater than £42K. This statement also, will need to be dated within the last 6 months.

We will be receiving more information on this offer in the next coming days, keep your eyes on your News section for the latest updates and more information.


Paymentsense Connect Limited Time Offer

Paymentsense have just announced that for RBA Retailer users that the previous Limited Time offer for retailers to switch from their current card providers to Paymentsense Connect has been extended indefinitely.

By switching, Paymentsense will match the volume of existing terminals and will also waive all terminal rental fees for the duration of the contract. As an added bonus, Paymentsense may also cover your cancellation fees!

Connect, gives you more freedom as you are not tied to contract. Instead, you are on 30 day rolling terms with no commitment. Some advantages of Connect are:

  • Prevent losses from miskeyed transactions
  • Improved efficiency with faster accurate sales
  • Fast integrated reconciliation
  • One consolidated customer receipt
  • Supports Chip and Pin, Contact-less, Google Pay and Apple Pay

If you are not an RBA customer but are interested in our Point of Sale solutions please email or call us on 02082410077. If you are an existing customer and are looking to switch providers please contact our support desk and we’ll get you in contact with our Payment Sense partnership team.




RBA Announcement

RBA has some exciting news for you!

In February, this year, we announced we were testing our new Near St integration.  We have now completed our testing and are happy to announce that our official launch date is 3rd June 2019.

Near St’s aim is to bring the customers back to high street shops instead of solely using the online retailers. By integrating with Near St your shop’s products will appear at the top of their Google search results, listing the prices, product information and stocked status.

Not only does Google give customers all this information, they are also able to see how far away your shop is from their current location!

You do not have to do this all yourselves, thanks to the integration with RBA this is all taken care of automatically and the information is kept up to date with regular stock updates.

If you would like a bit of background, take a look at this BBC article on Near St.

If you would like to know more or to get started with an RBA Retailer to Near St product feed, please contact RBA or drop an email.







Home Hardware Autumn Trade Show

Steve and Jon will be attending the Home Hardware Trade Show being held on 17th September 2019. We would like to highlight that the venue for the Trade Show has changed, this year the Home Hardware Autumn Trade show will be held at the National Agricultural and Exhibition Center in Stoneleigh .
As per usual, Steve and Jon will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have and look forward to seeing you all there!
We will let you know more details closer to the date!


KCPOS and Pegasus data migration

We have recently completed two installs for new customers that have been using Pegasus opera accounting systems and KCPOS till systems. We successfully preserved and moved all their product data, purchase and sales ledger data etc. from their existing Pegasus opera and KCPOS till systems to our RBA EPOS system, Retailer.

If you currently looking to move away from your existing accounting or EPOS system, contact Paul or Jon to arrange a time to chat to them about moving to our RBA EPOS systems.

MTD Release

Its official, our MTD dialog has now been released in Retailer version 10.86.0036 and we are on HMRC’s MTD compliant register. Once you update to this version you will be able to start using our new MTD feature.
We will be releasing a help guide on this feature very soon but we have made this dialog very straightforward to make your lives easier when completing your VAT returns.
Please contact us to find out more!